Low Sodium Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

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Low Sodium Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup2013 marks my first Thanksgiving eating low sodium. As a vegetarian, I am more than used to eating “differently” than most on so called Turkey Day, but this year the task seems even more daunting as I try to stay within my sodium restrictions on a day that is all about excess.

Fortunately, there are lots of great sources of low sodium Thanksgiving recipe inspiration on the internet (really, how did we survive without it??). The following is a list of ideas and links to get you started as you start to plan your low sodium feast. Have any additional favorite recipes or sites? Make sure you add them to the comments.

Low Sodium Thanksgiving Recipe collections:

Low Sodium Turkey Preparation:


Cranberry sauce:




Sweet potatoes:

Pumpkin pie/Dessert:


5 thoughts on “Low Sodium Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

  1. Thank you for doing the legwork for me! This is our first low sodium Thanksgiving also and I don’t want my daughter to feel like she is missing out. This post is going to be very helpful!

    • You’re welcome! It’s our first too. Be sure to let me know if you loved or hated any of these – or if you find some more.

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